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self pictures of..you know, yourself.

camara shy, dont apply

y/our human interest
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this is an lj community for people to post good self pics. i belong to some other communities like boyskissing and suicideboys, and people get so mean and caddy, its kinda not worth commenting, but at the same time, people post the same 3 pictures nonstop, so when you do want to comment, you just want to say mean shit, like the mean people do. its all very confusing and yah. blah. so, this is my meager attempt to make a place for people to post pics for whatever reason. the only thing i DEMAND is that they be pics you took your damn self and that they include YOU, the poster, in them.

to join: obviously, hit the "join" link above you at the top of the page, AND comment in the only public post, the FIRST post, in the same manner as the post. basically, post a pic and a snippet of yourself. then when i get the email saying you want to join, i go look, baddahbing baddahboom, youre in.
i dont care if youre a boy or a girl or a mandigo from outerspace, self pics are the aim.

also, tell me some things to put in the interests when you join. i dont want to just put MINE in, because hopefully this will be a community, not a dictatorship.
identity theft is a big deal to me too...okay, now im just ranting.

posting: when you get in this community, please make all posts "friends only" so only the other members will view it.
it will be our own little secret cult.
human interest. artsy shots, plain shots. scene kids, goth kids, family photos, punkers, drunken nights. anything. just post it. and post often. pictures are fun. really. i love the CRAP out of them. tell a story too if you want. this is your forum too. make captions, tell jokes, give background. do what you will.

commenting: comments are good. please comment often. BUT, if you cant say something nice or non threatening, dont say it. i give 2 craps about how much you dont like something. dont look at it then. this is for people to post pics, not to get hounded about whatever it is you deem not cool. i will ban you, since i have ultimate control, without pitty.

so yah. go for it. :)